Chianti Colli Senesi is an illustrious example of the classic Tuscan winemaking tradition. It is a Sangiovese of distinct character, which expresses the elegance of grapes cultivated in the hills around Siena.

Since the time of Antiquity, this area has been known as capable of producing extremely high quality red wines of near Burgundian elegance.

The rolling Colli Senesi (hills of Siena) are noted for their rivers and thick oak forests, and are a patchwork of small medieval towns, fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The Chianti Colli Senesi appellation covers a vast area of cool-climate southern Tuscany, which has remained surprisingly pristine for centuries.


Toscana (Tuscany)


Spurred Cordon with plant spacing plantation layout 240x75 cm


100% Sangiovese


Manual, grapes are sorted by hand before and after destemming


About 10 months in oak

Smelling this transports you to the ochre-colored Tuscan countryside: the scent of the sun-dried earth and the oak forest is right there with the characteristically tangy Marasca cherry note of Sangiovese.
The body has tension and shape without being heavy, there is freshness and bite: this was made for the table. This is pervasive and honest, has both impact and agility. The fruit -redcurrant, cranberry and Morello cherry- sings with purity on the finish. This has charm and character in spades.
Anne Krebiehl MW